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TinyFPGA Card

The TinyFPGA Card is my business card. It’s also an FPGA project board that can be assembled with an 8 x 8 array of LEDs, 8 buttons, a coin cell, and a TinyFPGA A1 or A2 board. You can use an FTDI JTAG programmer or get a TinyFPGA Programmer for $9.




All of the necessary components are located in the TinyFPGA Card BOM on They should all be in stock at as well.


The components are 0805 sized or larger. They can all be soldered by hand, or you can use OSH Stencils (once I get back from Maker Faire and upload the project to GitHub).

Programming the Board

If you haven’t used the TinyFPGA A-series boards before, go through the TinyFPGA A-series guide to familiarize yourself with the software and development flow.

More Updates to Come

This page will have a full build guide along with template projects and examples to try out when I get back from Maker Faire.